Custom Name Sticker Sheet

Custom Name Sticker Sheet

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Want your name to look perfect on the title page of your planner? This listing is the one for you! Each order will come with one sheet of custom hand lettered name stickers. Each sheet will have a minimum of 3 sizes of names with at least 2 names per size. (More names varies on how much space is left on your sheet.)

These are printed on a clear matte sticker so that when you put them in your planner, it looks hand written! Each name is lettered just for you. Please give 2-3 weeks for creation!


*This listing is for ONE NAME only. Max 9 letters. I will NOT letter two names for one listing. Part of the price of this is the lettering of your name, therefore I MUST limit it to ONE name. If you enter two names, the first name entered will be the one that is lettered. If you want two different names, please order two sheets. Thanks for understanding.

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