ROYGBIV Boxes & Florals VOLUME TWO Washi Tape Bundle

ROYGBIV Boxes & Florals VOLUME TWO Washi Tape Bundle

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Thank you for the amazing response to our first Washi Set release! This is the first time we ever released washi on it's own, so it was a trial run for our business. Your response to this product was overwhelming! While we do not have plans to restock this set of washi, this trial run let us know that we should definitely start designing more sets for the future. We can't wait to bring more washi to you soon!

Meet the ROYGBIV Boxes and Florals VOLUME TWO washi pack from kellofaplan! These rolls of washi have florals in all the colors of the rainbow! These colorful washi rolls are a MUST HAVE in your planner collection!

There are TEN rolls of washi in this bundle. Each roll is 10mx10mm!

 Flipthrough of the book can be found here:

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