Kellofaplan's Story

I like to call 2015 the year of "new" for my life. I got married in March of 2015, so I was a new wife who had moved to a new house in a new town with a new husband. I was juggling our newly combined finances with newly combined house chores. On top of all of that, we got a new dog that summer, and I started a new job that fall that required a LOT of new roles. I was drowning with all of my new responsibilities. I knew something needed to change. I was teaching a PD course to teachers in my school district and one of the teachers had a Happy Planner on her desk. She had organized her week, but did it with stickers and washi. I was instantly intrigued and asked her where she got it. She told me she picked it up at Hobby Lobby. I spent the next few weeks wandering the aisles of Michaels and Hobby Lobby stalking their planner aisles. Our budget at the time didn't really allot for a new planner, but I talked about it all the time and had taken my husband, Matthew, with me to the store to look at them many times, too. One day I was at Michaels and I called Matthew and said, "They have a 60% off coupon!" His reply was, "Just buy the planner already so we can quit talking about it!" Little did he know, that purchase meant we'd be talking about planners for a long, long time! ;-) That day, I bought the planner and I also bought some stickers and washi tape. I came home and decorated weeks at a time in my planner. I organized my job, my home chores, our bills, my personal life, and so much more in that planner. Week after week, I came back to it to organize and decorate again. It quickly became my favorite hobby. Not only was I organizing my life, but I had found a creative outlet at the same time! I was in love with this new hobby. I decided to start an Instagram account, and that's when @kellofaplan was first born! I started sharing photos of how I used my planner and fell into the most amazing community. I had no idea that this love of paper and stickers would change my life forever- but I'm so thankful that it helped me to plan a life I love! Now I share videos on YouTube teaching YOU how to plan your life, I make sticker books that make it easy to do, and I love connecting with each of you! Thank you for being a #kellofafan!